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2018 March Madness Betting

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March Madness Basketball Betting Lines

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2018 NCAA Tournament Bracket Contest

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There is perhaps no greater sporting event than March Madness with all the excitement of the Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, Final Four and the National Championship Game. Year after year, college basketball has controversy as to who should play for the Championship, the Super Bowl is usually over by halftime and the NBA Championship Series is a rout, but college basketball always delivers.  Big upsets by small schools, game-winning buzzer shots, and spectacular play after spectacular play make March Madness the best three weeks of the year for sports fans.

When NCAA March Madness Tournament starts up, it becomes about the time of the year where everyone takes off Thursday and Friday from work to catch all the March Madness frenzy and all the college basketball betting lines those games bring.

Online sports books and Las Vegas are swarmed with sports fan from all over during the first weekend of March Madness looking for odds to bet against the College basketball lines. The NCAA College Basketball Post-Season Championship Tournament (March Madness) has become an American icon for basketball fans.

Final Four Betting OddsCollege Basketball Odds

For three busy weeks in March and early April, the country is captivated as college basketball's postseason becomes the focus of every sports fan in America. From Oregon's first championship to the "Wizard of Westwood" to Lute Olson and the Wildcats, college basketball has created memorable moments for generations of fans, players and coaches.March Madness is definitely making a run at being the most bet upon sport in America today. You don't have to be in Vegas anymore to place a bet on March Madness.

March Madness Schedule

March Madness Prop Bets

For the March Madness NCAA Championship Tournament there are many different propositions available. For example, before the tournament begins prop bets are available on which teams will win the tournament outright, which teams will make the Final Four, and the total number of games won in the entire tournament by each conference.

March Madness Betting Tips

A Popular March Madness bet is to place a wager on the winner of each bracket; essentially picking which team from each bracket will make the Final Four. These odds will be offered in the same manner as those for picking the overall champion and will also be adjusted after each round. Betting underdogs to win their division is a much safer bet than to bet them to win it all!

College Basketball Picks & Handicapping Tips

1. Get to know your team

Study your teams, learn their strengths and weaknesses, know their home and road records, and evaluate them objectively. Pay attention to changes in the quality of a team from one season to the next as players graduate and changes occur in coaching staffs.

2. Value betting - find low risk high reward action

Successful basketball gambling requires getting value on your bets ... basically this means getting better than the "true" odds on your team. For instance, if your objective prediction for a game suggests that Duke should be receiving 5 points but are in fact receiving 8, then this is a value betting proposition. In this case, the risk to reward is very much in your favor, making Duke a strong play.

3. Bet against public opinion

Certain teams always have a strong public following. For years, the Chicago Bulls were one such team, having captured the public's admiration during the Jordan years. High-value bets can often be found by betting against these teams because the odds makers adjust the line to reflect the expected amount of public money ... thus, the underdog is often listed with better odds or a larger point spread than they realistically deserve.

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